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Remo Giuffre
Founder & Director
Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

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Sam Gosling

Professor of Psychology | University of Texas, Austin

Austin, United States

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Education & Academia
Body, Mind & Science

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ArchitectureDigital MediaEducationHealthInterior DesignSciencePsychology

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+ making connections between fields
+ integrating technology into behavioral science
+ napping

About me & my work:

I am interested in the connections between people and spaces in which they dwell. How do we affect--deliberately and inadvertently--the spaces we occupy and how, in turn, those spaces influence us.

I am a Professor of Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. I did my doctoral work at the University of California at Berkeley, where my dissertation focused on personality in spotted hyenas. I have published broadly on the topics of Internet-based methods of data collection, personality in human and non-human animals. My non-human research has also examined dogs, cats, chimpanzees, and squid. My human research has looked at how human personality is manifested in everyday contexts like bedrooms, offices, webpages, music preferences, and social-media; this latter work is described in my book, "Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You."

My links:

Snoop: What your Stuff Says About You

My Academic Page

Spotsi | Make your own mobile tour about anything anywhere


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