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Maxwell Kangkolo
Entrepreneur-in-Residence - Connected Cities
Berlin, Germany

My Network Friends

Kyle Wiggins

Co-Founder, CEO | Keteka

Santiago, Chile

"Authentic, Off the Beaten Path Travel"

Generally thinking:

Business, Work & Strategy
Government & Community
Sports & Recreation
Arts & Entertainment

My tags:

Business DevelopmentCommunityCultureEntrepreneurshipMusicSocial ChangeSportsStrategy GeneralTravel

Very good at:
+ Generating Ideas
+ Problem Solving
+ Listening

About me & my work:

I am the CEO and Co-Founder of an Adventure travel marketplace of authentic, off the beaten path experiences. I'm originally from Dallas, TX, graduated from Harvard, worked in politics in NYC, and spent two years with the Peace Corps in Panama doing business development. I'm currently living and working in Santiago, Chile, participating in Start-Up Chile's scale program.

My links:

Keteka | Marketplace of the most authentic off the beaten path experiences, validated by Peace Corps Volunteers


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