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Stan Ruch
Consultant General Manager
Lennox Head, Australia

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Michael Oblowitz

Producer/director/writer | Minus Zero Films

Los Angeles, United States

"About that which we cannot talk about, we must pass over in silence."

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Education & Academia
Technology & The Future
Sports & Recreation
Media & Journalism
Arts & Entertainment
Creativity & Design
Body, Mind & Science

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AdvertisingAnimation & VFXArchitectureArtCultureDanceDigital MediaDramaFashionFilmFinanceMediaMuseumsPerformancePhotographyPsychologyRadioSound DesignSportsTechnologyTelevisionTheatreVisual ArtsWriting

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+ Keep on keeping on

About me & my work:

Born in Cape Town, I am a filmmaker who has directed and produced many movies and videos. I am a Fine Arts and Philosophy graduate of the University of Capetown with an M.A. in Film from Columbia University.

I was involved in New York’s "No Wave" subculture. My early fine arts short films have been shown in the Whitney Museum's No Wave Cinema series, as part of a tribute to the innovative work of filmmakers and artists from Manhattan's Lower East Side.

I've also had retrospectives of my film and music video career at The Hof Film Festival in Germany and shows at The Museum Of Modern Art in New York City, the Eye Museum in Amsterdam, curated by Marlene Dumas, and a retrospective of a 1970's film program curated by my friend Kathryn Bigelow and myself at Disney Hall/Red Cat in Los Angeles.

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