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Richard Saul Wurman
Creator of TED Conferences and Information Architect
Newport, United States

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Carolyn Porco


Mill Valley, CA, United States

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Education & Academia
Global Issues
Government & Community
Media & Journalism
Body, Mind & Science

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Animation & VFXClimate ChangeDigital MediaEnvironmentScienceMedia RelationsMuseumsSustainabilityTelevisionVisual Arts

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My links:

Carolyn Porco | My personal/professional website

Diamond Sky Productions | Website for my small company

CICLOPS | Website where publicly released Cassini images are posted & other info can be found. Here you'll find an Artroom (where the work of well known space artists is posted), a Theatre room (where movies made from Cassini images are posted), and all the publicly released Voyager and New Horizon images can be found too


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