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Remo Giuffre
Founder & Director
Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

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Dan Goods

Visual Strategist | NASA | Jet Propulsion Laboratory

South Pasadena, United States

"I want to remind people of the gift and privilege of being alive"

Generally thinking:

Business, Work & Strategy
Technology & The Future
Government & Community
Arts & Entertainment
Creativity & Design
Body, Mind & Science

My tags:

AdvertisingArtEntertainmentGraphic DesignInterior DesignScienceMuseumsPhotographySound DesignStrategy GeneralVisual Arts

Very good at:
+ dreaming
+ hearing when people are not listening to each other
+ being friends with enemies

About me & my work:

I am an artist and designer who loves to explore, ask questions, learn, and share. I get to do this as the leader of a small band of creatives at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory where we try to take complicated subjects and share them in engaging ways. You can see the work in public spaces, art museums, and outer space. After doing the dishes, playing with the kids, and hanging out with my wife, I work on other creative projects around the world. Currently I'm dreaming about creating the "museum of awe" with a couple friends.

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