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Remo Giuffre
Founder & Director
Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

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Salim Ismail

Founding Executive Director | Singularity University

Miami Beach, United States

"The future isn't what it used to be"

Generally thinking:

Business, Work & Strategy
Technology & The Future
Global Issues
Body, Mind & Science

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EntrepreneurshipEventsGovernmentStrategy GeneralTechnologyTravelWriting

Very good at:
+ speaking globally and moderating groups
+ strategic understanding of future technology & its implications
+ building teams

About me & my work:

I've been helping build Singularity University since its founding. I am currently Global Ambassador focusing on its global presence.

My last company, Angstro, was acquired by Google in 2010. Prior to that, I was a Vice President at Yahoo and the Head of Brickhouse, Yahoo’s internal "ideas factory" where game-changing ideas were brought in, built and launched. I also serve as co-founder and Chairman of I co-founded PubSub Concepts and am also on the board of Breakthrough, a global human rights organization focused on violence against women, racial justice, and immigrant rights.

I have lived in eight different countries for more than a year each. I feel a quarter Indian, Canadian, European and American (ish).

I recently wrote "Exponential Organizations," a book ... of which I'm very proud.

My degree is in theoretical physics and I have a side hobby in metaphysics and philosophy. I love skiing, tennis and a good wine.

I tweet my thoughts at @salimismail and blog infrequently at

My links:

Salim Ismail | website

Exponential Organizations | website for my book

Singularity University | website


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