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Remo Giuffre
Founder & Director
Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

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Kathryn Myronuk

Knowledge Sommelier | Singularity University

Sunnyvale, United States

"Make New Connections, Ask the Next Question, Repeat"

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Education & Academia
Technology & The Future
Global Issues
Sustainability & Environment

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ScienceSocial ChangeStrategy GeneralSustainability

Very good at:
+ "Yes, and" synthesis at the intersections of STEM fields and Impact
+ Coaching interdisciplinary teams
+ Analogies and analyses for data-based stories true to the speaker's goals and listeners' memories

About me & my work:

To build solutions to our big problems we must become sophisticated beginners, comfortable with the limits of expertise and the power of naive new approaches. As a synthesist and generalist I've specialized in translating between disciplines, teaching people to discover and share the tools and techniques that emerge at the boundaries of traditional fields.

Singularity University is an environment built for international and interdisciplinary groups to work together on global grand challenges. Accelerating technologies empower individuals and small teams to do what once required large organizations. We bring people together to become those teams. At SU I've been a researcher and 'knowledge sommelier' since its start, helping participants, staff and faculty discover and explain the connections and trends they'll use in this work. As staff at SU I served in multiple roles, including Director of Research, from 2009-2013 ( = doing whatever needed doing during our startup phase). I now am on faculty, running our Synthesis & Convergence track and helping to guide our economics curriculum.

I also focus on expanding these connections to new regions and groups. Last year I co-created curriculum and taught at Stockholm Resilience Centre's LEAD program, working at the intersections of Sustainability, Resilience Thinking, and Exponentials.

Other communities I'm part of include maker, science fiction, and the art community of Burningman. I'm a bibliotropic reader, an eclipse chaser, and a fan of national parks throughout the world.

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Singularity University

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