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Maxwell Kangkolo
Entrepreneur-in-Residence - Connected Cities
Berlin, Germany

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Yaron Schwarcz

Entrepreneur | Tridom

Tel-Aviv, Israel

"Free thinker"

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Business, Work & Strategy
Technology & The Future
Global Issues
Government & Community
Body, Mind & Science

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Business DevelopmentCommunityEducationEntrepreneurshipEnvironmentMusicPsychologyStrategy GeneralSustainabilityTechnology

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+ listening
+ team building
+ sales

About me & my work:

I'll start back when I was in high-school, when I was building fire extinguishing robots, although simplistic, they were able of autonomously navigating in an apartment finding the source of the fire and putting it out. My team and I even achieved 2nd place at the international competition for universities- my 15 min of fame. Though, being Israeli I was obliged to enlist into the military, where I served for 3 years as a search and rescue diver. fast forward. On the same day I was released, I got on a flight to NY, but found my way to St. Louis where I found a job but soon after opened my first company, selling holiday gifts at shopping centers, we operated for about 3 years and in the off season I went traveling around the world, backpacking and hitchhiking on almost every continent. But at some point I returned to Israel I decided study psychology & government, and after a year of studies I joined a group of passionate about education and together we created a collaboration with the ministry of education, and proceeded to attain a teachers diploma in civic education for high schools. However, After teaching for a year, the promised scholarship was canceled and I decided to invest in my financial future, and decided to joined a "hi-tech" startup from the Pharma sector, but shortly after we sold the company and for the following 2 years I worked at a number of startups in e-commerce and mobile, but something was missing so I left everything and set-out into the web. Searching for answers (not sure I even knew what the question was), I found a TED talk about Neil Gershenfeld, an MIT professor who founded the FabLab (fabrication laboratory), if you've never heard of this, go to google NOW. In any case, I wanted to open in Israel, but I was too late, someone had beat me to it, so I went to check it out and over the coming months, I joined the maker-space and every other makers group in my area, I quickly learned how to use digital fabrication tools (CNC,PCB,3DP,...), and became a maker. Joining the FabLab got me thinking, and I understood that my next venture would be in hardware. Soon after I co-founded Tela Labs, a centre for disruptive hardware innovation, but after a year of work aggregating support we were unsuccessful in raising cash (although we raised ~$1M in in-kind), which meant we could not continue with the venture. However, the upside was that due to Tela Labs I won a scholarship to Singularity University's GSP'14, which is where I met Anielle, my co-founder in Tridom. Together we are developing technology to that aims solve for global houselessness. And, just ping me if you wanna chat :)

My links:

Tridom | Tridom is focused on creating high quality low cost urban housing, with emphasis on the bottom of pyramid (BOP). To do this we are developing a work tool for the construction industry, a multi-material robotic system, capable of autonomously fabricating, by means of additive manufacturing, the entire building at a fraction of todays cost.


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