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GK VanPatter
SenseMaker, Author, Advisor, CoFounder
New York, United States

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Gordon Akwera

Experience Designer

New York, United States

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Finance & Legal
Technology & The Future
Creativity & Design

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Brand StrategyDigital MediaEntrepreneurshipFinanceGraphic DesignStrategy GeneralTechnologyVisual Arts

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I spearhead the design of transformational and engaging experiences. I’m passionate about design and solving for complexity. I’ve worked in the front-end innovation space, leading complex engagements, specializing in financial services for more than 10 years.

Areas of interest include: Information/Experience Design, Creative Direction/Branding, Design Thinking/Research/Strategy, Big Data Visualization/Complexity Navigation, Story Driven Design, Concept/Process Visualization and Ideation, Systems/Business Concept Visualization, Rapid Experience/Journey Mapping, Learning analytics and Human Factors.

I currently head a New York based experience design start-up practice focused on Capital Markets exposure, driven by constant changes in regulations.

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