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Russell Cheek
Artistic Professional
Sydney, Australia

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Nikki James

Director of Learning | Intersective

Sydney, Australia

"Developing human potential..."

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Education & Academia
Global Issues
Creativity & Design

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EducationEntrepreneurshipSocial Change

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+ Discovering how people learn
+ Encouraging others to first dream and then make it a reality!
+ Building high performing creative teams.

About me & my work:

My journey through life started as a child who was a 'ball of energy' and to keep me entertained my parents filled every minute with sports, arts, school and anything else I came home and decided I wanted to give a shot! They had one condition. If I start, I finish.

To date it is one of the most valuable lessons I've learned and a character trait I am proud of. I am a bit of a crazy dreamer (it's true, I started a dream factory with friends!) ... but believe this drive to finish means that ideas don't just stay ideas, they become reality.

So far I have worked in outdoor education, not for profit, social enterprise and education, but the thread that runs through them all is a passion for seeing people develop their potential and use it to make an impact on the world. To date this has led me to design and implement an aid and development project in China, a social entrepreneur training school in Tanzania that is now scaled across multiple countries and design experiential learning programs that prepare university students for the skills they will need to drive our world forward in the 21st century AND... that's just the start of the story... I can't wait to see the rest of it unfold.

My links:

Intersective | I am the Director of Learning at Intersective. I spend my days looking at data from a learning platform to better understand how people learn so that we can give them the right content at the right time in the right way.


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