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Richard Hsu
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Shanghai, China

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Joseph Foo

creative director | 3nity / 3x

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

"to be a good steward of my time & talent."

Generally thinking:

Education & Academia
Business, Work & Strategy
Sustainability & Environment
Arts & Entertainment
Creativity & Design
Body, Mind & Science

My tags:

ActivismArtBrand StrategyCommunityCraftsCultureEducationEntertainmentEnvironmentGraphic DesignPhilanthropyProduct DesignSocial ChangeSustainabilityTravelVisual Arts

Very good at:
+ curating community led creative program
+ visualizing ideas of great masters, east & west.
+ sharing my resources with my neighbors & friends

About me & my work:

i'm a graphic designer, in the recent years, i have placed my focus in teaching and community led projects, i believe that by promoting the idea of 'doing good' to clients will enable them to make a difference, not just in their business but to meet the social needs of the community.

My links:

3nity | 3nity is a branding and visual identity consultancy firm based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We believe in delivering relevant design solutions with good aesthetics while maintaining a sense of social responsibility in all our endeavors. 3nity has created and managed brands as well as corporate identities and communications of various organizations – from multinationals to cultural groups, as well as products and services. 3nity has grown into one of the leading visual communications and design consultancy in Malaysia. Through the years, 3nity has been nurturing emerging talents in design as well as providing a platform for exploring Asian thoughts and identity through visual communications in different design disciplines.

3x | a network i co-founded in 2010, 3X is a group of highly awarded creative minds and friends, sharing a unique combination of expertise, that spans from art, culture, design, branding, publishing, entertaiment, education, to food & beverage. 3X was established in 2010. Today 3X is located in Copenhagen, Beijing, Guangzhou, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

man&god visual feast | Man&God is an exhibition aimed to revive spirituality through visual arts, started in 2003, Man&God visual feast has travelled more than 11 cities with works created by artists/designers from different parts of the world.

neighbor program | Neighbor program is a network i co-founded in 2011 It is a network to: – Encourage closer relationship among Southeast Asian – Archive art and design education initiatives – Initiate “research as practice” on Southeast Asia’s visual culture

TEDx Chiangmai | 'it is more blessed to give than to receive' is a movement created by 3nity for Oloiya, a popular BBQ dried meat brand in malaysia. inline with one of the company's three brand pillars, the idea of giving hope to remind people that this Chinese new year, instead of receiving all the goodness & fortunes and keeping it to ourselves, we hope to bless our friends & needy by giving in whichever way we can

TEDx Petaling Street | Man&God is a project by Art4Soul. It seeks to explore the relationship between ‘Man’ and ‘God‘ through the eyes and ideas of creative minds of different faiths and various cultures. It re-examines the ancient questions of God in a new way at a crucial time. The result is a series of powerful and thought-provoking visuals contributed by notable designers and artists from around the globe.

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