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Richard Hsu
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Shanghai, China

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De Kai

Musician / Professor | ReOrientate / HKUST

Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong

"Translate. Relate. Reorientate."

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Very good at:
+ exploiting music to connect cultures accessibly
+ driving human language and music technology
+ creating from different frames of reference while seeing through artificial boundaries

About me & my work:

My passion is to relate cultures, languages, music, and cognition. I believe we can simultaneously drive cutting-edge science, technology, and the arts forward in concrete ways that promote understanding between cultures.

I created the cross-cultural musical illusion collective ReOrientate, the world's first web translation service, and radical new cognitive music technology.

To bring cultures together, I search not only for language universals, but more fundamentally, universals that hold over the relationships between our many different languages. Musical, spoken, and graphic languages - all of which share common evolutionary and neurobiological bases.

I was honored to be one of 17 worldwide selected by the Association for Computational Linguistics to be named a Founding ACL Fellow in 2011, for pioneering scientific contributions in machine translation and machine learning of the cognitive relationships between different languages.

My advances in music technology bring acoustic instruments and computation together, by using these cognitive machine learning models to understand relationships between musical languages.

ReOrientate translates these musical language relationships into accessible live performances by creating musical illusions that engage listeners, drawing people of many cultures to relate familiarly to a 360 degree range of vastly different cultural frames of reference.

My links:

De Kai home page

ReOrientate music page

HKUST university page (shows a pseudonym I use for academic authoring)


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