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Richard Hsu
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Shanghai, China

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Memet Ünsal

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Istanbul, Turkey

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About me & my work:

I'm a project manager, PhD mechanical engineer with specialization in robotics, and a backpacking/photography enthusiast. I recently quit my corporate job and moved to Istanbul so I can work on several projects close to my heart. With the help of friends, past colleagues and likeminded collaborators, I hope to develop projects for strengthening the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey.

For my PhD I worked in several areas I really enjoyed, from robotics (6 degree-of-freedom parallel platforms) to vibration control to smart fluids. After graduation, I moved on to a corporate career at P&G Brussels. During my 7 years at P&G, I managed large projects in a diverse range of regions and global programs, relocating to several countries including Spain, Egypt, Morocco, Italy, and Belgium.

Currently, I'm working on InnoCampus, a nonprofit project which will travel across Turkey with a program on innovation and entrepreneurship.

My links:

InnoCampus | Project website

Gezban | personal travel and photo blog


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