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Richard Hsu
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Shanghai, China

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Jesper von Wieding

Strategic Creative Director / Co-Founder | 3X

Holte, Denmark

"We Believe In Synergy!"

Generally thinking:

Education & Academia
Business, Work & Strategy
Global Issues
Sustainability & Environment
Government & Community
Arts & Entertainment
Creativity & Design
Body, Mind & Science

My tags:

ArchitectureArtBrand StrategyClimate ChangeCraftsCultureEducationEntertainmentEntrepreneurshipEnvironmentFashionFoodGraphic DesignHealthInterior DesignMuseumsPerformancePhotographyPrintingProduct DesignPublishingSocial ChangeStrategy GeneralSustainabilityVisual Arts

Very good at:
+ Making a point of difference
+ Creating synergy
+ beeing I'mperfect

About me & my work:

I’m Jesper, one of the co-founders of 3X, a international design network of friends sharing a unique combination of expertise and highly awarded, that spans from corporate design, branding, product design, interior design, architecture, publishing, entertainment, education, food & beverage to art & culture.

3X was established in 2010 and is now located in Beijing, Copenhagen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai.

Prior to 3X I founded Scandinavian DesignLab in 2004 in Copenhagen. Our designs across different medias reflected the Scandinavian life style and values of Danish Design. Year in 2008 and 2009 we became The Design Agency of the year in Denmark.

In 2008 was I selected as 1 of 16 worldwide designers to serve on the first design jury at the Cannes Lions Festival. Here I meet Joseph Foo, from and Jonathan Ford ( Joseph Foo is on of the co-founders of 3X and Jonathan a Associated Partner of 3X.

Prior to Scandinavian DesignLab (SDL), I co-founded Scandinavian Design Group ( / Future Brand ( Copenhagen, in partnership with Inter Public Group (IPG), when I sold them my first design agency Design By.

Before Design By I had 3 interesting and fruitful years at Landor Associates (WPP) in Stockholm and in Paris.

I started my professional career within art and design, when I founded The Museum Of Holography & New Visual Media together with my German friend Mattias Lauk. Matthias and I successfully organized exhibitions within holography and other new visual medias on various art museums around the world; our exhibition “Light traces” became the most visited holography exhibition in the world at the time.

I hold design degrees from the Danish Design School of Copenhagen and from California College of the Arts and Craft from San Francisco.

Today I serve on the board of the national design association “Danish design” ( ) and on the board and as design jury Forman of Creative Circle (, who organizes the biggest annual design, digital media and advertising award in Denmark.

My links:

3X | 3X is a group of highly awarded international strategic creative designers and friends, sharing a unique combination of expertise, that spans from art, culture, design, branding, publishing, entertaiment, education, to food & beverage. 3X was established in 2010. Today 3X is located in Copenhagen, Beijing, Guangzhou, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Design denmark | Dd Design denmark is an alliance of designers, design thinkers and design businesses, working to promote design in business and society

Creative Circle Award | Awards! Creative Circle organizes the biggest annual design, digital media and advertising award in Denmark.


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