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Lydia Goldblatt

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I am a practising artist and photographer. I came to photography via formative journeys through ice-skating, flying (RAF student squadron), literature and languages (at university). I began to learn about photography - and finding visual expression for that which is often intangible - through practice, watching and listening. I am still cultivating each of those skills. I trained at the London College of Communications, receiving a Masters Degree in Photography with Distinction in 2006.

My most recent series, Still Here, is a reflection on corporeality and the vulnerability of old age. Over a period of 3 years, I photographed my parents, focussing on the transitional experience of my elderly father as he approached death. The work bears witness to mortality, time, love and loss, and the images combine close observations of the human form with still lives, portraits and abstract works resonant of planets and origins.

Still Here was recently published as an artist monograph by fine art publishers Hatje Cantz, and is currently on exhibition in New York, at Rick Wester Fine Art. It was the subject of a solo exhibition at the Felix Nussbaum Museum (Germany) in 2013, and is held in the collections of the V&A Museum National Art Library. Interviews and features on my work have been published in the New Yorker, The Sunday Times, Guardian Weekend and Telegraph Magazines, Slate Magazine, Creative Review and Wallpaper*, amongst others.

I have been invited as a visiting lecturer to Bielefeld University (Germany), Portsmouth University, Plymouth University, South Bank University (London), and Fashion Institute of Technology (New York).

My links: | personal website

Rick Wester Fine Art | My gallery's website, New York


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