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Anthony Ditton
Design / digital strategist
Sydney, Australia

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John MacFarlane

Special Projects Producer | POV/American Documentary

Brooklyn, United States

Generally thinking:

Business, Work & Strategy
Technology & The Future
Media & Journalism
Arts & Entertainment
Creativity & Design

My tags:

Digital MediaFilmMediaStrategy GeneralTelevisionWriting

Very good at:
+ Finding important (or just great) stories and getting them told
+ Hanging out and talking about stuff
+ Following recipes, but not too religiously

About me & my work:

I’ve spent my career learning to tell stories in creative ways using various technologies and platforms. I’m not an evangelist for digital storytelling at the expense of other media – I love sitting in a cinema more than pretty much anything else – but I am a proponent of trying new things, prioritizing innovation, and collaborating with ideas and people outside our comfort zones.

My links:

SBS Insight | The show I produce. Story-driven discussion of current issues and random stuff.

The Block | An interactive documentary about the Indigenous housing precinct in Redfern, Sydney, Australia. We won a Walkley for this.

Antenna Documentary Film Festival | A scrappy little festival that I used to "work" for (for free). It's awesome.


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