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Caroline Baum
Writer producer
Wombarra, Australia

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David Roach

Screenwriter & Director | Two Heads Media

Wombarra, Australia

"Jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way down."

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Media & Journalism
Arts & Entertainment
Creativity & Design

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ArtClimate ChangeCultureDanceDramaEntertainmentEnvironmentFilmJournalismScienceMediaPerformancePhotographySustainabilityTelevisionTheatreTravelVisual ArtsWriting

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+ Writing
+ Directing
+ Making art

About me & my work:

I love good stories. I love hearing them, watching them, reading them, writing them. I love working with good people to turn good stories into great films. Fiction and non-fiction. Theatrical features, documentaries and television. My films have won lots of awards including AACTA's, AWGIE's & Critic's Circle. And they've been released around the world and shown in international festivals like Berlin and Tribeca.

Four years at the National Art School didn't blunt my passion for the visual arts. As well as a filmmaker I'm also an art maker, working at the moment with wood, fire, rust, wax and weathering.

Home is Wombarra Beach just south of Sydney where I live with my wife, journalist and broadcaster, Caroline Baum.

Inspiration? Writers like Annie Dillard and Michael Ondaatje, artists like Cy Twombly, William Kentridge and John Mawurndjul, choreographers like Pina Bausch and Lloyd Newson, filmmakers like Kubrick and Capra and Warwick Thornton, television makers like Milch and Sorkin, musicians like Miles and Charlie Hayden and the Tawadros Brothers.

I love a challenge. And collaboration. If you come to me with a great idea, I'll probably tell you I'm too busy. Don't take no for an answer...

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