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Marcel Kampman
creative director
Meppel, Netherlands

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Andy Mayer

Strategy Director | Yoomee

Sheffield, Great Britain

"Digital innovation for social good"

Generally thinking:

Business, Work & Strategy
Technology & The Future
Government & Community
Creativity & Design

My tags:

ActivismBusiness DevelopmentDigital MediaEntrepreneurshipGraphic DesignSocial ChangeStrategy GeneralSustainabilityTechnology

Very good at:
+ Digital strategy
+ Co-creation
+ Lean Startup

About me & my work:

I'm the founder of Yoomee -- a specialist web agency which builds online services for social good. We work exclusively with charities, not-for-profits and social entrepreneurs to help them innovate digitally like startups using principles such as Lean and Agile.

I'm passionate about building digital platforms that connect people together to make the world a better place.

In my spare time I am setting up a project to help young offenders turn their lives around by learning to code. I've also been involved with Young Rewired State helping to organise a series of collaborative hacking events for under 18s.

My links:

Yoomee | Digital innovation for social good


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