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Remo Giuffre
Founder & Director
Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

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John Danner

Senior Fellow;Visiting Professor | Institute for Business Innovation/Univ of California Berkeley;Princeton University

Berkeley CA, United States

"You know, you never know"

Generally thinking:

Education & Academia
Business, Work & Strategy
Technology & The Future
Global Issues
Government & Community
Arts & Entertainment
Creativity & Design

My tags:

Brand StrategyBusiness DevelopmentEducationEntrepreneurshipGovernmentHealthLawMarketingPerformancePhilanthropyPoliticsPublishingSocial ChangeSound DesignStrategy GeneralTechnologyTravelWriting

Very good at:
+ making unusual connections across disparate issues to simplify apparent complexity
+ inspiring people, from students to executives, to take the next step in trying something new
+ being a catalyst for creative strategic thinking in organizations big and small

About me & my work:

I teach today's executives about innovation, strategy, leadership and insider entrepreneurship; advise organizations, from global enterprises to emerging ventures, on strategically significant issues; speak to audiences globally on various topics of mutual interest; train tomorrow’s leaders at two of the world's finest universities (the public University of California Berkeley, and the private Princeton University); and help an inspiring array of social impact ventures with their initiatives to change the world and create new value. So fundamentally, I'm a juggler - of ideas, issues and agendas. I mostly try to do that for organizations whose missions I respect and/or people I care about. I enjoy tackling unusual challenges across the business, government and nonprofit landscape. There's not a lot of commonality across that portfolio, but that's what I like: one-of-a-kind situations that call on me to play on a changing set of analytical and creative keys to help others. When it works, it touches people's lives and careers; when it doesn't, it helps realign mine.

Other tidbits: Last year I launched a pioneering MBA course nicknamed "The Other 'F' Word" on failure and its significance for innovators and entrepreneurs. That, in turn, has led to my current project: writing a book around that theme. And I'm the guy who came up with the idea for TED U[niversity], a widely popular companion to recent TED and TED Global conferences. I'm married to my college sweetheart, who is an amateur photographer and artist. We have three sons: a manager at Google, entrepreneur in NYC and aspiring design strategist. The younger two and I biked across Iowa last summer, a testament to the power of making a public commitment to one's kids - even one grounded more in bravado than common sense.

My links:

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