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Carli Leimbach
Founder, Facilitator, Designer
Sydney, Australia

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Michael Lewarne

Director | Redshift Architecture & Art

Sydney, Australia

"Seeking the illusive. Designing the remarkable."

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Sustainability & Environment
Arts & Entertainment
Creativity & Design

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+ Joining the dots.
+ Finding a space.
+ Valuing the everyday.

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Michael is a registered architect and graduate of industrial design, and educated in stage design, jewellery and small business, enjoying the challenges of a multiplicity of creative endeavours. His work engages an ongoing consideration of spaces, forms, inhabitation and the poetic, encompassing buildings, public art, dance and theatre, jewellery, as well as designs for lights and darkness. In all, he is seeking to expand the nature and boundaries of his projects through a cross disciplinary practice, in a way that is critical, constructive and contributes to the cultural life of our cities.

In 2006, Michael established Redshift Architecture & Art with Angelo Korsanos in 2006, with an ambition to broaden the scope and range of the projects he worked on. With the design of multi-residential projects a particular interest and skill. He is currently is on the Committee of the Association of Consulting Architects, the key body representing architectural employers in Australia. Michael is also on the Board of We Are Good Company - a platform for the growth of the middle market of Sydney’s arts and creative sectors.

Concurrently pursuing an art practice, Michael is undertaking an investigation of the site specific, the provocative, boundary conditions and the illusive. This inquiry is prosecuted through sculptural projects of varying materiality and material. The works often incorporating light and/or sound, performance installation and sometimes video. He produces solo works but often in cahoots with many semi-regular collaborators.

Michael is passionate about designing extraordinary dwellings for all people, to be liveable, comfortable, sustainable and ultimately desirable. He believes in the joy of art, that it should be an integral part of the city and its culture, bringing colour to people’s lives even if at times it goes outside the lines.

My links:

Redshift Architecture & Art | My company website. We do all manner of architectural & art projects, but we are most passionate about multiple housing.


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