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Sarah Jane Pell
Artist, Astronaut Candidate
Melbourne, Australia

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Mike Mongo

astronaut teacher | Icarus Interstellar

Key West, FL, United States

"Tomorrow's jobs are in space!"

Generally thinking:

Business, Work & Strategy
Technology & The Future
Creativity & Design

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ActivismArtBrand StrategyBusiness DevelopmentEducationEventsGraphic DesignStrategy GeneralSustainabilityWriting

Very good at:
+ messaging & communicating
+ audience-building
+ creative strategy

About me & my work:

As author of The Astronaut Instruction Manual, and as a public speaker and space educator, I work to encourage primary, middle-school and high school students to pursue careers in astronautics and space science-related fields.

My professional background has been in brands and messaging. One of of the co-founders of OBEY, I worked alongside Shepard Fairey (along with Alfred Hawkins and Blais Blouin) for over a decade to engineer the OBEY messaging campaign and the OBEY organization. And in 2007, the OBEY organization went on to design and implement the HOPE poster-sticker street campaign for Barack Obama's 1st presidential campaign.

My links:

The Astronaut Instruction Manual | acclaimed children's book

Space is for Everybody | director's talk, Starship Congress, Drexel University, 2015

Starship Congress | presentation (excerpt), Starship Congress, Dallas, TX, 2013

Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop | presentation, TVIW, Huntsville, AL , 2013

Icarus Interstellar | chief brand & culture officer

Mike Mongo, Astronaut Teacher | current blog / space stuff

How to get Hired in Aerospace | presentation, SEDS SpaceVision, 2014

mikemongo-dot-com | author's website

Future Astronaut Manifesto | "From graffiti artist to astronaut teacher"

100 Year Starship | paper, "Children: The Future of Space is Presently 8-12 years old", 100 Year Starship Symposium Conference Proceedings, 2012

Starship Century | presentation, Starship Century, UC San Diego, CA, 2013


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