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Fanny Krivoy
Partner & Founder, Studio Analogous
New York, United States

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Akemi Tazaki

User Experience Consultant | Self Employed

Berlin, Germany

Generally thinking:

Education & Academia
Technology & The Future
Sustainability & Environment
Creativity & Design

My tags:

Animation & VFXClimate ChangeCultureDigital MediaEntrepreneurshipGraphic DesignProduct DesignPsychologySocial ChangeStrategy GeneralTechnology

Very good at:
+ Graphical User Interface design
+ Product design
+ Service and business design

About me & my work:

Global citizen with expertise in user experience design and keen interests in making stuff that delight people in everyday life.

I am a seasoned user experience and service design consultant. Worked at Nokia, Autodesk, various design agencies and start-ups in Europe and America. By profession and up bringing I am kind of a person who naturally tend to mediate and bridge groups.

I service as product designer for creating technology for technology industry . Gadgets and digital gadgets for advancing the domain and envisioning the future. A job that I feel passionate. The skill set helped me to travel the world, live in a country I set my mind to. A wish I had as teenager.

At moment I am thinking what next? What challenges I can set for the next stage?

My inner aspiration is to help voiceless beings in this world who are ill-treated by the human modern activities.

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