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Kate Dezarnaulds
NFP Director & Business Development Consultant
Berry, Australia

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David Glen

Graphic Facilitator, Illustrator and Educator. |

Sydney, Australia

"A doodle has the power to challenge beliefs and expand horizons!"

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Education & Academia
Business, Work & Strategy
Arts & Entertainment
Creativity & Design

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Brand StrategyCommunityCultureEducationEventsGraphic DesignPerformanceVisual Arts

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+ Listening.
+ Thinking.
+ Drawing.

About me & my work:

I am an award-winning artist, illustrator and educator. I specialise in leveraging visual thinking for massive business results. My passion and focus is on visual learning – the most powerful tool available for successful strategic planning in business today.

I earned my degree in Fine Art at the University of New South Wales, and was awarded First Class Honors in Painting at Curtin University of Technology. Having completed a Graduate Diploma in Education I worked for several years in the Art Education sector with disengaged and at risk students in remote indigenous communities and public and independent schools across Australia.

My work has been exhibited widely and is held in collections both in Australia and internationally. I was awarded the prestigious Qantas Foundation Australian Contemporary Art Award in 2010, and have recently returned to Sydney after 3 years based in Europe where I held studio residencies in Berlin and Amsterdam.

DGTSTUDIO creates boutique visual experiences and social activations that map the journey, mission and values of an organisation. We create illustrations for conferences, keynote presentations, corporate workshops and team strategy meetings. From nonprofits to corporates to government agencies and educational groups, we explore ideas with stories and images that engage and inspire.

Visual thinking can express your company vision, beliefs, mission and purpose faster, better and more profoundly than any other method of business communication.

A doodle has the power to challenge beliefs, expand horizons and transform the culture of your business!

We have recently worked with TEDx Sydney, 3M, Slingshot Media, The Milk Bar, S&C, Vivant, Chirosports and ChiroFamily.

My links: | Graphic Facilitator, Illustrator and Educator

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