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Scott Kilmartin

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Michelle Matthews

Publisher | Luckie

Melbourne, Australia

"Local content for a global lifestyle"

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Technology & The Future
Media & Journalism
Creativity & Design

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ArchitectureDigital MediaEntrepreneurshipFoodGraphic DesignHealthMarketingMediaPhotographyPrintingPublishingTravelWriting

Very good at:
+ Hunting down great local experiences and random Octagenarians
+ Connecting fabulous people to other fabulous people
+ Living a unique lifestyle harnessing the best of opportunities I design or encounter

About me & my work:

Tying together the themes of minimalism, digital nomadism, collaborative consumption to build my content creation business. In a previous life, I spent a lot of time stopped-over in strange cities wondering where the real attractions were. I figured that, like me, plenty of people just wanted to skip to the good stuff – cool bars, interesting shops, amazing restaurants. I was right. Deck of Secrets is a small publishing company that creates guides to the most interesting, innovative and authentic bars and restaurants in various places around the world. We publish in print form as a deck of cards and digitally with mobile applications.

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Deck of Secrets


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