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Jochen Schweitzer
Sydney, Australia

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Steven Pozel

Director/Ideator | Australian Design Centre

Sydney, Australia

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Business, Work & Strategy
Technology & The Future
Arts & Entertainment
Creativity & Design

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ArchitectureArtBrand StrategyBusiness DevelopmentCultureDigital MediaEducationGraphic DesignMedia RelationsMuseumsPhilanthropyProduct DesignTechnologyVisual Arts

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+ collaboration
+ ideating
+ mindfulness

About me & my work:

My career has been devoted to the exploration of design ideas and disciplines that are driving the world forward. Over the last thirty years, I have championed creativity and innovation across areas including: design, visual arts, architecture, digital media, publishing, education and enterprise.

My research and work in design thinking and innovation has been the catalyst to consult to a broad range of industries - from banking and telecommunications to engineering and property development, and from cultural and community organisations to State and Federal Governments.

As Director of Object: Australian Design Centre, I lead an organisation that advocates excellence in design nationally and internationally through its exhibitions and innovative learning programs.

Prior to moving from Canada in 1997, I was the director of several museums and galleries including Toronto’s most innovative contemporary art space, The Power Plant. I have created design exhibitions for major museums and institutions around the world from Japan’s 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art to the V&A Museum in London, as well as the Australian Design Centre, Melbourne Museum and the Sydney Opera House.

I have also been responsible for the conception and development of numerous exhibitions including: Freestyle: Australian Design for Living; Menagerie: Contemporary Indigenous Sculpture; and CUSP: Designing into the Next Decade.

Currently I am working on several major exhibitions including: Future Nature, an exhibition that examines possible futures posed by artists, designers and architects exploring bio-mimicry, symbiotic systems and the ethics of technological innovation;

Shapeshifters, presenting the most creative and innovative work by artists using 3D & 4D printing processes; as well as The Power of Making in Australia, which will explore the nature and importance of “making” as one of the most significant means of human expression.

I’m a founding and current Board Member of the Australian Design Alliance, a former presenter for the SBS Studio arts channel, a recently appointed faculty member at The School of Life, Australia as well as an Industry Fellow for the UTS Business School.

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Object: Australian Design Centre

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