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Nicol Vizioli

artist / photographer

London, Italy

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I began as a painter and gradually my fascination of still images developed in the form of a strong passion for photography. The insight of my work draws upon many different places, such as the natural and animal world, mythology, literature and finally painting: photography is therefore regarded as the convergence point, where all of them meet. Painting and photography are inseparable in my work, they influence each other, in a continuous, never-ending flow.

After a degree in cinema I moved to London, where I graduated from MA Fashion Photography at LCF, University of The Arts London, with first class honours in 2011.

My work has been exhibited in several places and international art fairs such as Miami, Basel, Somerset House for the London World Photography Festival, the Zabludowicz Collection, The XV Biennale de la Mediterranée, Milan, Rome and many others.

I have also been featured and interviewed in magazine like Dazed & Confused (UK), Eyemazing (NL), 125 magazine (UK), Espoarte (IT), RARA (Guatemala), Blink magazine (Korea) and many others.

I have been visiting as a guest lecturer at London College of Fashion (London, UK) and IED - Istituto Europeo di Design (Rome, IT).

Born in Rome, I live and work in London.

My links: | personal website

nicolvizioli.tumblr | personal blog / diary

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