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James de Vries
Creative Director
Boston, United States

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Scott Stowell

proprietor | Open

New York NY, United States

"Pay Attention"

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Education & Academia
Business, Work & Strategy
Global Issues
Sustainability & Environment
Government & Community
Arts & Entertainment
Creativity & Design

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ActivismAdvertisingBrand StrategyCommunityGraphic DesignPoliticsSocial Change

About me & my work:

Since 1998, I’ve been doing business as Open--and as such have survived by staying small, specialized in not really specializing in anything in particular, and (according to the Cooper-Hewitt museum) embraced “an open notion of the term ‘office,’ inviting different participants to every project.” As it turns out, everything is connected and everything is an opportunity--if you're paying attention.

I’m the proprietor of Open, an independent design studio that has made a lot of things, including identity systems for Bravo and New York Public Radio, editorial design for Good magazine and Stanford's, short films for Jazz at Lincoln Center and Time, signage for Brooklyn Bridge Park and Yale University, and campaigns for Google and Patagonia.

In 2008, I was the winner of the National Design Award for Communication Design.

My links:

Design for People | Design for People is my first book.

Open | Open is my design studio.


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