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Kate Dezarnaulds
NFP Director & Business Development Consultant
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Michael Reid

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+ Starting things
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+ Whatching things grow

About me & my work:

This is my 27th year in the art world.

Across three galleries (Sydney, Murrurundi & Berlin), I hold a number of important art exhibitions each year, showcasing the work of significant indigenous and non-indigenous artists. The underlying value of the exhibition calendar is that it affords collectors the opportunity to view and acquire artwork—by established contemporary Australian artists—all around the world.

After a decade of arts industry experience with Christie's London and Australia, culminating with the opening of a major representative office for Christie's in Brisbane in 1996 I went on for ten years to contribute weekly, as Art Market Analyst, to the business section of The Australian newspaper. Following my News Corporation decade, I wrote weekly for five years, with the Sydney Morning Herald / The Age 'Good Weekend' newspapers magazine.

Publishers Allen & Unwin republished my How to Buy & Sell Art (2004) book in early 2008; while my Guide to Australian Art Galleries was published with Allen & Unwin in 2005. Australian Art: Who, when, what and how much? was co authored with Emily Cloney in 2011 & Nathan Taylor: The Poetics of Excess, again co authored with Emily Cloney in 2012

Along side my work in the print media, I appeared weekly in 2008 and 2009 co-hosting a Sky Business News Channel art industry hour.

I advise private clients on the formation of their art collections and have become one of the leading art dealers in Australia.

I am also: the co- founder & a director of Art Month Sydney; founder of Ackerstrasse "Open Street", Berlin; a director & deputy chair of the Foundation for Sydney Living Museums (former Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales}; a member of the Law Society of New South Wales; a member of the Australian Antique Dealers Association; and a member of the Berlin Art Galleries Association.

I was mentioned in the art life blogs 2012 & 2013 rankings as- “Power Trip: The Most Powerful People in Australian Art" and can be found in McCulloch’s Encyclopaedia of Australian Art, The Miegunyah Press, 2006, Pages 822-823

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Michael Reid | art galleries website


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