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Roy Green
Sydney, Australia

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Anthony Burke

Professor of Architecture | University of Technology, Sydney

Sydney, Australia

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Education & Academia
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+ Thinking laterally and spatially
+ linking things that are physical to things which are digital (or vice versa)
+ listening

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I trained as an architect, and have practiced in many contexts as a designer, writer and teacher. I write Architectural theory about urbanism, technology, representation and sometimes policitcs, but not usually all at once. I am a practiced designer, and spend a lot of time curating exhibitions and organizing events that promote architectural to the general public as well as exercising my fascination for speculative architetcure and design. I was the head of the School of Architecture at UTS from 2010-2017, and am now an associte Dean for teh Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building at UTS. I am continually inspired by our students and the colleagues I work with.

I co-curated Australia's exhibition at the 2012 Venicec Architecture Biennale, and was creative director for the Sydney Opera House 40th Anniversary Architetcure and Design Symposium in 2013. I run a competition for emerging speculative talent in Australian Architecture called Open Agenda, since 2010. I have a practice, Offshore Studio Pty Ltd, and was the chair of the Board of Object: The Austrlian Design Centre from 2013-2016.

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UTS School of Architecture | Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building at UTS

Object: Australian Design Centre


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