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GK VanPatter
SenseMaker, Author, Advisor, CoFounder
New York, United States

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Fanny Krivoy

Partner & Founder, Studio Analogous | Analogous

New York, United States

"smart design to deliver business results and improve people’s lives"

Generally thinking:

Technology & The Future
Creativity & Design

My tags:

AdvertisingArtBrand StrategyCommunityCultureDigital MediaEducationEntrepreneurshipFashionGraphic DesignHealthMuseumsProduct DesignTechnologyVisual Arts

Very good at:
+ Making the most of intersection between design & techonlogy
+ Developing designs that deliver business goals
+ Develop designs with a deep understanding of user's needs

About me & my work:

I am a designer by training. I have a passion for solving problems through communication design and through it, making peoples lives a better. From something very mundane to more involved interactions.

My links:

Studio Analogous | Here you can see our latest work




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