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GK VanPatter
SenseMaker, Author, Advisor, CoFounder
New York, United States

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Gavin Melles

Senior Lecturer | School of Design, Swinburne University

Melbourne, Australia

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Education & Academia
Sustainability & Environment
Government & Community

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EducationEnvironmentSocial ChangeSustainability

Very good at:
+ Networking People
+ Understanding Multidisciplinary Contexts

About me & my work:

I am or have been research supervisor for PhD projects in Australia and Germany. Design Thinking is one of the areas I work on in Teaching and Research. I have a PhD (Education), Masters (Linguistics), and other qualifications. I recently began an MSc in Sustainable Development at School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS), London University, which integrates Climate Science, Development Economics, Evidence and Impacts of Climate Change, and Politics, Processes, and Discourses if Sustainability. I am happy communicating in English, Spanish, French or German ... Less so in Russian or Hebrew ... During 2009-2010, I managed faculty across the departments of interior, industrial and product design engineering. I have also been visiting professor and researcher in Germany, Switzerland, and Sweden. Social Innovation and Design Thinking is a key area for my PhD student group.

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