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Remo Giuffre
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Ross Coulthart

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About me & my work:

I like investigating things and telling interesting stories.

I have been investigations reporter for Sunday Night since the show began in 2009. Previously I was a long-time reporter with the Nine Network Sunday program and ABC TV Four Corners show. I have won five Walkley awards for my investigations, including a Gold Walkley, Australia's top award for journalism.

I am also an author.

My first book Dead Man Running, (co-authored with former detective Duncan McNab) was an insider’s account of the rampant organised crime and violent murders inside an outlaw motorcycle gang.

My second book, Above the Law, (also co-authored with Duncan McNab) detailed how those biker gangs are now international organised crime franchises.

My third book, The Lost Diggers, tells how, in 2011, in a major international discovery, the Sunday Night team and I uncovered a hitherto unknown treasure trove of World War One pictures of ANZAC and other allied soldiers, which had lain undisturbed in a French farmhouse attic for nearly a century. The story has become a social media phenomenon, with people from all over the world viewing the pictures and story on Facebook and the Sunday Night website to see if their loved ones are among these extraordinary images.

My fourth book, If People Really Knew, a fascinating biography of Australia’s 1st World War Official Historian Charles Bean, will be published in late 2014.

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Sunday Night | Fuller bio on the Sunday Night website

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