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Uri Auerbach
Sydney, Australia

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Ginger Briggs

Writer, editor, content marketer | Shebah

Melbourne, Australia

Generally thinking:

Technology & The Future
Sustainability & Environment
Media & Journalism
Arts & Entertainment

My tags:

AdvertisingBrand StrategyClimate ChangeCommunityCultureDigital MediaFilmJournalismLawMarketingMediaMedia RelationsMedicinePoliticsPublishingRadioSocial ChangeStrategy GeneralSustainabilityTechnologyTelevisionWriting

Very good at:
+ writing and editing
+ content marketing and content strategy
+ translating academic and legal language for a general audience.

About me & my work:

My first book, Staunch, was published in 2012 by Affirm Press. I've written other stuff, of course, including a five-year stint as a Big Issue columnist and an essay in the anthology She's Having a Laugh. My forthcoming novel is, well, still forthcoming.

I have a day job at the rideshare startup Shebah. Actually, it's also frequently a night job and a weekend job — as I said, it's a startup. Founded by my close friend, the comedian George McEncroe, Shebah features an all-female fleet and serves only women and children. At Shebah, I tackle marketing and communications, which I'm used to, and also regulatory compliance, which I'm not. I'm loving that challenge.

Before hitching my wagon to Shebah, I spent six years working in strategic marketing and communications at Monash University — my final role there was senior content manager.

I have a particular interest in legal language, and for many years freelanced as a writer, editor and trainer with various courts and judicial colleges. Mostly, this involved talking to judicial officers about writing clear, clean, comprehensible judgments, but I also edited two books for the National Judicial College of Australia.

I talk in public from time to time, if I have something to say. Oh, and I read a lot.If you're a Patrick White fanatic, please get in touch. We need to meet.

My links:

Staunch | My first book, still available to be exchanged for a small amount of cash money.

Shebah | The start-up I work for, which was founded by my best mate George McEncroe. It's basically Uber for women.

Working with Words | An interview I did about my writing practice for The Wheeler Centre in Melbourne.


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