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Remo Giuffre
Founder & Director
Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

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Megan Morton

stylist | megan morton pty ltd

Sydney, Australia

"making everything beautiful"

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Creativity & Design

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CraftsInterior Design

Very good at:
+ cutting our youngest daughter's fringe
+ telepathy
+ making books that people want to buy a copy for all those they really love

About me & my work:

i would do what i do even if it wasn't invoicable. every day i chase, perform, dream about styling in all of its many, many forms. due to my work i meet the most amazing people. talent with a cap T. i persuade them to share what they know instinctively to the students who come to my place of work called The School. it's wonderful. truly wonderful.

My links: | my portfolio site of my work, never updated enough, but nice things | where i work every day. a big beautiful blank space full of promise and the canvas for all our teachings at The School. | where talented people tell nice people exactly how and why they do what they do and together through this open hearted learning, incredible outcomes occur. sometimes craft, sometimes styling, sometimes skateboard making, sometimes cashmere egg cozies that resemble pugs.

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