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Remo Giuffre
Founder & Director
Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

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Stuart Buchanan

Digital Consultant for Creative Industries

Sydney, Australia

Generally thinking:

Business, Work & Strategy
Technology & The Future
Government & Community
Arts & Entertainment
Creativity & Design

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AdvertisingArchitectureArtBrand StrategyBusiness DevelopmentCommunityCultureDanceDigital MediaDramaEntertainmentEventsMarketingMediaMuseumsMusicPerformancePromotionalPublishingRadioStrategy GeneralTechnologyTelevisionTheatreVisual ArtsWriting

Very good at:
+ Digital strategy
+ Audience development
+ Content marketing

About me & my work:

My career-long passion has been in developing new audiences for arts and culture, as a director, producer and marketer of innovative creative work. My key focus in recent years has been in attracting new audiences and devising new means of engagement via digital channels - specialising in digital strategy, social media, content marketing and digital publishing.

As an evangelist for online and digital engagement, I have presented at many cultural conferences and events in recent years (notably at Ubud Writers Festival and Sydney Writers Festival), and have established a reputation as a kick-starter, thought-leader and critical thinker within the Australian cultural community. I am currently Chair of Underbelly Arts and was a founding member of Sydney independent radio station FBi 94.5FM and Executive Producer of the inaugural Creative Sydney Festival (latterly Vivid Ideas).

Having delivered successful outcomes for a number of cultural organisations both in Australia and the UK, I founded my own company - The Nest - in 2010, focused on innovative approaches to digital communications and audience development for the arts & creative industries. Over five years, I engaged a portfolio of blue-chip cultural clients such as Sydney Festival, Art Gallery Of NSW, Biennale Of Sydney, Australia Council For The Arts, SBS, MONA, Sydney Writers Festival and many more, and in 2013 negotiated the successful acquisition of the company by Frost Design.

My links:

Stuart Buchanan - Blog | My blog looks at the intersections between culture, technology and media. It covers a range of topics including practical digital engagement, strategy & theory, trends & research, and projects that have inspired me to reshape my thinking.


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