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Remo Giuffre
Founder & Director
Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

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Kirk Docker

Media Producer | Independent

Sydney, Australia

"Being Curious"

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Technology & The Future
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Creativity & Design
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ActivismCommunityCultureDigital MediaEntertainmentFilmJournalismMediaMusicPhotographyPublishingSocial ChangeTechnologyTelevisionTheatreTravel

About me & my work:

I am a producer and interviewer, and co-founder of on-line broadcaster I like to interview people on the fringe. I sees stories in everyone from junkies to porn stars and pursue them with vigour. Nearly all my ideas come from being curious about the world and trying to understand it, whether that’s someone I interview in the street or a man who drinks his own urine.

I originally planned to work in radio and began with a small stint at 3RRR in my native Melbourne. By chance I began working at Jim Stynes' Reach Foundation, where through facilitation workshops I developed my interview skills and got a degree in youth work. It was here in 2007 that ViveCoolCity (VCC) was conceived and a small team began publishing original videos online three times a week. The aim was to cover stories that TV wouldn't touch. Our 300 stories ended up being watched over 10 million times. From VCC I moved to Sydney to work on Hungry Beast on ABC1. My story about the so-called Gang of 49 was nominated for a Walkley and it was here I also developed the Hungry Beast Vox Pops. These have been reproduced for TEDxSydney (2010-2013). Most recently I developed a pilot episode of ViveCoolCity for SBS and a Vox Pop show for the ABC. I produced season one of Aussie Pickers in 2013 and am currently producing the second. I frequently create video for the Sydney Opera House.

I love working on my own projects, playing with ideas and creating unique content. The latest example was directing the inaugural Golden Hand Wall Ball tournament in conjunction with Red Bull in February 2014.

My links:

Vive Cool City

Longest Moment | Vox Pop for Hungry Beast on ABC1

TEDxSydney 2011: Powerless | Vox Pop segment shot, edited and shown on the day

TEDxSydney 2012: What do you fear?

Wall Ball International | A game that grew from our street in Redfern to an international movement

What do you see when you look in the mirror? | Vox Pop for the All About Women festival at the Sydney Opera House



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