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Remo Giuffre
Founder & Director
Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

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Jordan Verzar

Artist Representative / Curator / Agent / Collaborator | Top Shelf Productions

Sydney, Australia

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Arts & Entertainment

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ArtCultureEntertainmentEventsMusicPerformanceVisual ArtsWriting

Very good at:
+ Putting together a good show
+ Scheming up crazy ideas and bringing them to life
+ Hustling

About me & my work:

I represent artists of many disciplines: musicians, illustrators, writers, composers, etc.. and set them to work across the world. I am interested in new mediums of storytelling and blurring the lines between artforms. I'm interested in exploring the points where artforms can overlap and affect each other. I love collaborating with artists on new and interesting projects and seeing ideas brought to life.

I am also the Performance Director for TEDxSydney and co-curator of Graphic, a festival at Sydney Opera House celebrating the art of graphic storytelling, animation & music. I run an international touring and management company and two small record labels; Top Shelf and Instrumental Recordings.

My links:

Top Shelf | My Website

TEDxSydney Performances



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