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Michael Glass
Visual Content Producer
California, United States

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Bruno Giussani

TEDGlobal Curator | TED

Lausanne, Switzerland

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Arts & Entertainment
Body, Mind & Science
Business, Work & Strategy
Creativity & Design
Education & Academia
Finance & Legal
Global Issues
Government & Community
Media & Journalism
Sports & Recreation
Sustainability & Environment
Technology & The Future

About me & my work:

I am the European director of TED and the curator of the annual TEDGlobal conference and of TED University; and I do plenty of other things related to creativity, innovation, global affairs and generally relevant ideas. I curate and host the Forum des 100, an annual gathering in Lausanne, Switzerland. I am a member of the Boards of Tinext, a software firm, and of the Knight Fellowships at Stanford University. I also advise private and public organizations.

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