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Remo Giuffre
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Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

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Irris Makler

Foreign Correspondent, Author | Freelance

Sydney, Australia

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+ Writing/Reporting
+ TV and Radio production
+ Inspiring my colleagues/trainees to do their best work and stay focused

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I'm a freelance Middle East Correspondent, film-maker, author and a journalism trainer. I waste too much time on social media. Still love reading longform, despite all the distractions, and watching great docos. Learning a new place is always interesting. Women's stories fascinating everywhere.

I have filed stories from Jerusalem, Baghdad and Cairo for radio, television and online news services around the world.

I was one of the first journalists into Afghanistan after 9/11, and my book about covering the war there, "Our Woman in Kabul", focused on the experience of Afghan women as well the western reporters seeing the country for the first time. My more recent book is called "Hope Street, Jerusalem", both a love story and bittersweet tribute to my adopted city of Jerusalem. I have experienced first hand the effects of living with conflict, and reported on the attempts at reconciliation between enemies as well as within a society.

I live in Ein Kerem, a historic village in the Judean hills outside Jerusalem.

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