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Remo Giuffre
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Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

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Jane Nicholls

Editor • Journalist • Content Strategist

Sydney, Australia

"Journalism: a master disguise for the overly curious"

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Technology & The Future
Media & Journalism
Arts & Entertainment

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Brand StrategyBusiness DevelopmentClimate ChangeDigital MediaEntrepreneurshipJournalismMarketingMediaMedia RelationsPublishingSocial ChangeStrategy GeneralTechnologyTheatreTravelWriting

Very good at:
+ Editing & storytelling
+ Critical thinking
+ Mentoring

About me & my work:

I entered journalism through the work-experience back door three days after I finished my HSC, and then spent three decades in full-time employment as a journalist and editor. Along the way the magazines I collected included Follow Me, Harper's Bazaar, Mode, Good Weekend, Who and People USA. (Oh, and Electronics Today International and Modern Boating.)

I spent 20 fabulous years working for Time Inc, just catching the tail-end of the glory days and ending my journey there with four years in New York City, during which time I helped launch licensed editions of PEOPLE in India and Greece, working closely with their editorial staff.

At the beginning of 2012, I returned to Australia to join the philanthropically funded quality multimedia site, The Global Mail, where we produced a lot of journalism to be proud of over the two years of our existence.

Since the beginning of 2014, I have been happily freelance. Wow, it's fun out here! I'm loving reporting and writing again. I'm working on brand-journalism projects and ghost-writing books in blissful collaboration with my wonderful friend Natalie Filatoff; teaching and being a present parent to two daughters and a Schnoodle son. Life is good. Let's do what we can to make it better for everyone else, too.

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Contently | Portfolio of recent work


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