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Willem Kars

Strategic business development | Jacobs&Kars

Eindhoven, Netherlands

"Designers of business result"

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Education & Academia
Business, Work & Strategy
Technology & The Future
Sustainability & Environment
Creativity & Design

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Brand StrategyBusiness DevelopmentEntrepreneurshipMarketingStrategy General

Very good at:
+ design for business
+ methods for branding to develop profitable business
+ visual brand design

About me & my work:

Considered a thought leader in 'branding for business' I am currently involved in strategic business development. With partner Joris Jacobs we focus on adding concrete value to the client's brand. Thorough research lies at the heart of our creative methods. Less than 10% of the world's population manages conceptual thinking. So let us do that.

Solid experience in multinational design business as global design manager, and in creative educational development. For Rotterdam based Willem de Kooning Academy and TU Delft industrial design. Early on to become a painter I was caught by the graphic arts to become a non artistic graphic production professional. Leading to develop the Graphic workshop for Rotterdam Art Foundation. Within a unique Artslab integrating theatre, music, film and video, exhibitions etcetera, providing crossover programs avant la lettre. Initially resulting in the initiative to create cultural magazine Hard Werken, which gave birth to design agency Hard Werken Design. (1979-1995) As general manager keeping talents together, attracting clients of a wide variety with attractive projects. Because of our appealing approach to design we set our name across the global designworld.

Invited by Philips Design I was appointed global manager visual communication design with responsibilities for a sizeable team. Managing all global product packaging design. Compelling introduction into academic design processes for a deep understanding of the role of design in society proved essential for further building a vision on design and brand. User focused design became and is key.

At Eindhoven witnessing the rise of Dutch design week (DDW). Solid inspiration for the city of Rotterdam as well... Effectively resulting in founding the Designplatform supporting the community with events. Like formatted debates for a thinking audience.

Education is often at the core of debate. My teaching experience covers several years of teaching ‘branding and packaging’. Twice participating in teams assigned to set up a new master of design curriculum for Rotterdam University. Recently (2017) witnessing a first group of graduates of our new Associate Degree courses in 'branding and packaging design'.

My links:

Willem Kars | Hard Werken Design book to be published Q4_2017 English. 500p. pre ordering now

Willem Kars | A fun reservoir full of old stuff about Hard Werken Design in the past.

Willem Kars | Events, debates, interviews and publishing on the economic and cultural role of design

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