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Remo Giuffre
Founder & Director
Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

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Douglas Riccardi

Designer & Founder | MEMO NY

Brooklyn NY, United States

"Keeping it personal and dealing with principals"

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About me & my work:

I am a designer and the founding owner of MEMO NY.

Over the years I have worked with some of the most influential and innovative international design firms of our time, including Tibor Kalman's M&Co. (New York), Benetton SpA (Treviso, Italy) and Ettore Sottsass's Sottsass Associati (Milan, Italy).

Returning to the US in 1993 to form my own firm, I envisioned MEMO as a category-defying studio: its creative and strategic talents would touch every aspect of brand identity via the language of design. As lead designer and strategist, I am involved with every studio account, whether conceiving a brand's identity or ensuring it evolves with relevance and power.

I am a principal who typically deals with principals.

MEMO values every client relationship as symbiotic – holding the belief that each party can learn from the other. It is another reason why we feel so strongly invested in a client's success and often become a trusted strategic partner. MEMO can boast that most clients have been partnering with us for eight years or more.

I have degree from RISD and teach typography and communication at NYU, SVA, and Hunter College Graduate School of Integrated Media Arts.

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MEMO NY | My design studio

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