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I am an interdisciplinary artist and recent recipient of the Australia Council Fellowship for 2012-14. My new body of work evolves from my research into the acoustics of ancient whispering architecture. My installations are often technologically complex yet are minimal in appearance. Systems become the subjects of my work, like those of language and code, classifying, remembering.

My sound, lightworks, projections and computer generated systems are inclusive to audiences inviting their presence in the work and effecting the possible outcomes. My installations actively engage with the spaces in which they inhabit –whether gallery, landscape or building: the site provides the structural and associative framework for both formal and conceptual elements. I have a poetic approach which includes topics such as randomness and pattern, body and language, boarders and connections, distance and proximity. I investigate patterns of language and rhythms of nature to build works which engage with physical space.

I have shown in many national and international exhibitions including Australian Perspecta (1991 and 1997), Spirit and Place Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (1996), Flow National Gallery Kuala Lumpur (2000), Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial, Japan (2003), Imagining Prometheus, Milan, Italy (2003) and Whispering Trees De Overkant, Den Haag Sculptuur, Holland (2007). Exposure, Rejmyre, Sweden (2011), Sookmyung Women’s University Gallery, South Korea (2011), Daya / Kindness: Australia-India a cultural exchange, Habitat Centre, New Delhi, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne (2012) and Bricked, part of the Camouflage Cultures international conference and exhibition.

I have completed many large public commissioned artworks such as Weeping Walls 2001 Sydney International Airport and Delicate Balance at Ballast Point Park for the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority 2009 and Walls that Whisper 2009. I am one of the four commissioned artists developing a site specific artwork for Siteworks - an ongoing series of interactive projects focusing on the unique Bundanon properties. The third phase of the project Last Word 2012 was performed in September 2012, along the rivers edge. I have also just recently completed the large light commission Night Watch for the Brisbane CBD.

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