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Zena O'Connor
Colour | Design | Research | Coffee
Sydney, Australia

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Lucy O'Connor

Social media + corporate research + projects | Jaxsta

Sydney, Australia

"There's a silver lining to everything"

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Business, Work & Strategy
Technology & The Future
Global Issues
Media & Journalism
Arts & Entertainment

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ActivismCommunityCultureDigital MediaEntertainmentEntrepreneurshipEventsJournalismMarketingMediaMedia RelationsMusicSocial ChangeStrategy GeneralTechnologyWriting

Very good at:
+ Social Media
+ Content Creation
+ Project Management

About me & my work:

9 to 5 I'm at Jaxsta, an amazing music tech start-up company building the world's first all-inclusive, official music industry data platform. In my spare time I'm a musician (find me @lucytigermusic); create music and entertainment industry content and articles for Ventilator News ( and I'm in the process of creating Millennial Falcons - stay tuned for more on that one.

My links:

Lucy Tiger Music | Check out my Facebook page for my music - more live dates and a debut EP coming soon!

Ventilator News | Check out the Facebook page for Ventilator News - where you'll find articles, reviews and commentary on the current music and entertainment industry written by me.

Millennials Falcons | More info coming soon!


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