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Elizabeth Tyson
Investigator, Organizer, Storyteller, Physical Artist
Washington, D.C., United States

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Washington, DC, United States

"A process can not be understood by stopping it."

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Education & Academia
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Climate ChangeEducationEntrepreneurshipEnvironmentHistoryLawSciencePsychologySocial ChangeSustainability

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+ Mediating
+ Teaching
+ Ceramics

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I am a mediator and facilitator focusing on environment and resources. My perspective on this work is shaped largely by my first year out of college, when I worked as a researcher compiling legal research on water rights in California. Although this was before the water shortage had entered the public consciousness at a national level, the issue had been smoldering at a local level for more than a century. I was captivated by the history that shaped the relationships between stakeholders and law makers and took it upon myself to delve into the far past as well as the present.

Over time, it became apparent to me that at the heart of the issue was a failure to engage in a process that was well suited to the problem at hand. Prior efforts had almost invariably entailed litigation, however because of the archaic laws governing water rights, the conflict is unlikely to resolve this way.

I asked the question "how could they do it differently?" and subsequently found Governing the Commons, by Elinor Ostrom, which inspired me to seek a career and eventually a masters degree in conflict resolution.

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