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Maxwell Kangkolo
Entrepreneur-in-Residence - Connected Cities
Berlin, Germany

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Alessandro Rovere

Filmmaker - Photographer - Adventurer - Traveller

Berlin, Germany

Generally thinking:

Technology & The Future
Media & Journalism
Arts & Entertainment
Creativity & Design
Body, Mind & Science

My tags:

AdvertisingAnimation & VFXArtDigital MediaEntertainmentFilmMediaPhotographySound DesignTechnologyTravelVisual ArtsWriting

Very good at:
+ Discovering the world with open eyes and heart
+ Developing curiosity
+ Audiovisuals

About me & my work:

I like to see my life and my work like a walk. Plans and concepts keep me on track now and then, like signs helping me navigate. But the really exciting stuff always happened and does happen off-track. When I leave the "oughts" and "shoulds" beside and just walk, looking around, keeping the eyes open for everything, the new and the new in the familiar. Letting things happen makes me free. In moments when I´m aware, that there is nowhere to get to and nothing to reach, I´m able to make the biggest steps and greatest journeys, sometimes on the same spot. It´s a constant challenge in everyday life. I take it by everything that tickles me, one way or the other. This can be an empty can, laying in a puddle on a rainy fall day, the dizzy heights of the Himalayan peaks, the ancient cultures of the Indonesian jungle or sitting quiet in meditation.

So who am I? I don´t dare to say. It´s in constant flow and a dynamic process.

What do I do? I make films. Direct. Take the pictures. Visualize. Conceptualize. Tell the stories.

What do I love? Walking around. Taking on adventures. Discovering. Thinking about now and then. Good people.

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