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Rachel Scanlon
Head of Derivatives
Sydney, Australia

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Sarah Davis

Risk Management | Paddle the Nile

Sydney, Australia

"Live an extraordinary life: a life of value, adventure, creativity and love"

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Business, Work & Strategy
Global Issues
Sports & Recreation
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CommunityEventsFinanceHealthPhotographySocial ChangeSportsTravelWriting

Very good at:
+ Managing risk and showing others how to
+ Setting my self new challenges and goals and achieving them
+ Connecting with people

About me & my work:

I was born in England and moved to Australia in 2003 to a place I instantly fell in love with and feel very fortunate to have called home ever since. I was very proud to become an Australian citizen.

My career has mostly been in banking as a risk manager and also in project management. I had a few years out as a Personal Trainer for a completely different challenge. Now I am back in risk and project management.

Outside of work I am a lover of adventure, travel and sport. The move to Australia introduced me to new sports, including surf ski paddling. I took this up when I joined North Bondi Surf Lifesaving Club as a volunteer lifesaver. This put me on the path to my next challenge and my current focus. My goal is to paddle the length of the Nile and in doing so be the first women to achieve this.

The goal goes far beyond making it from start to finish. I am raising money for CARE Australia and building a community of 'Winning Women' to inspire and encourage each other to get out of their comfort zones, embark on an adventure and do something they may never have thought possible.

I'll be showing them how the risk management process used in banking can be applied to these challenges. By doing this some of the risks can be reduced or removed and it can be used to get perspective on the remaining risks and underlying fear that may hold them back.

I love and need to have a goal to work towards. This will be, by far and away, the greatest and hardest I have ever undertaken. And I can't wait to start and use this as a platform to add value, inspire and create change.

My links:

Paddle the Nile | This is the website with all the details of my expedition


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