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Heiner Benking
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Michael Josefowicz

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Brooklyn, United States

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Education & Academia
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+ Project management
+ Orchestrating a Facebook community
+ Having fun by reading and talking.

About me & my work:

In 1972 I co-founded and managed Red Ink Productions in NYC. Clients included galleries, museums, and leading edge designers. RI was a project management service for print centric product.

In 1999 I co-founded Printed paperback books in classroom editions of 30 for student writing. Had 2500 users spread in every state in the USA. Went belly up when the dotcom bust dried up funding.

I was also part of the co-founding team at Grow Networks. My role was setting up the production systems for individualized student reports in quantities of 100's of thousands. Grow Network was purchased by McGraw Hill.

2000 to 2007: Adjunct and then acting Assistant Department Chair of the Communication Design Department at Parsons New School.

2008 Retired

My links:

Series of columns written in 2009 | "Michael Josefowicz spent 30 years at Red Ink Productions, a boutique print production brokerage he co-founded which served New York-based design studios and non-profit organizations. He came out of retirement to teach production at Parsons The New School for Design for the next 7 years. He now blogs about print at "Print in the Communication Ecology": and about the digital printing industry at "Tough Love for Xerox":


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