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Peter Goldie
Born: Toronto, Now: San Francisco, United States

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Jean Labuschagne

Philanthropist | The Labuschagne Foundation

Stellenbosch, South Africa

"We are the sum of our neural connections"

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Education & Academia
Business, Work & Strategy
Technology & The Future
Global Issues
Sustainability & Environment
Sports & Recreation
Arts & Entertainment
Creativity & Design
Body, Mind & Science

My tags:

ActivismBusiness DevelopmentEducationEntrepreneurshipHealthScienceMarketingPerformancePhilanthropyProduct DesignSportsStrategy GeneralTechnologyTravel

Very good at:
+ Identifying and marrying scientific and technology opportunities
+ Creating networks across different fields and across borders
+ Thinking outside the box

About me & my work:

Entrepreneur, expert in next generation neuromodulation technologies and engaged philanthropist. I believe that every person, whether healthy or ill, has the right to be healthier in order to live a better life.

In 2015, I founded The Labuschagne Foundation to help fund research in neuroscience and bioengineering along with new advances in integrated technology with electrotherapy and BCI (Brain-Computer Interface). Subsequently The Labuschagne Foundation and the Spaulding Neuromodulation Laboratory, a teaching facility of the Harvard Medical School, partnered to establish The Spaulding-Labuschagne Neuromodulation Center.

My links:

The Labuschagne Foundation | The work of The Labuschagne Foundation is to help people develop stronger, healthier minds and bodies through research and technology in the field of neuromodulation.

SPAULDING-LABUSCHAGNE NEUROMODULATION CENTER | The Spaulding-Labuschange Neuromodulation Center is dedicated to the rigorous scientific exploration that aims to improve the body and mind.

Spaulding-Labuschagne Neuromodulation Center | The Spaulding-Labuschagne Neuromodulation Center is committed to pursuing the scientific exploration of Body Electric. The center is an expression of collaborative creativity in applying science, clinical research, technology, innovation, and design to noninvasive neurorehabilitation and neuromodulation techniques. Our approach integrates brain and body wellness, and is not restricted to prevention or treatment, but encompasses overall health and performance. The center is dedicated to the belief “Think Outside the Brain” — the total plasticity of the self without a physical-mental distinction. It’s about transformation.


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