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Nick Hazell
R&D Director
Sydney, Australia

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Jan Golembiewski

Director | Psychological Design

Sydney, Australia

"Architecture is alchemy, not just hard work"

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Sustainability & Environment
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AdvertisingArchitectureArtEducationEnvironmentFoodHealthScienceMedicinePsychologySustainabilityVisual ArtsWriting

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+ Architecture
+ Innovation
+ Education

About me & my work:

I'm an architect and a researcher in architectural design psychology. My buildings and my research is about the architecture we inhabit , the ways it affects our health and behaviour and what we can do to improve our lives simply through design.

Somehow, during my PhD, I stumbled into the centre of current thinking about design for health and wellbeing and ended up on the editorial board of several academic journals, judging international architectural design awards (and winning a few myself).

I love teaching. I teach into the architecture degree at UNSW and into the Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation at UTS. I have previously served as Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Creative Industries at QUT, Brisbane.

Over the years I've had a few career shifts. I was a sculptor - and exhibited in many galleries including The National Gallery of Australia. I've written scores of academic articles and one book titled "Magic" (still awaiting publication.)

I am also a keynote speaker and designer specialising in cultural understanding, person-centredness design psychology and all aspects of healthcare design.

My links:

Psychological Design | Website for the Psychological Design architecture studio.


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